Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh... My... God!!! :) This ain't a town it's a city....

Ever wanted to know what roughly 1,200 little cardboard (mainly) houses look like???

They look like that :) (click on the pic for a better view)

That is (most of - I'm still waiting on 2 or 3 sets) the output from my recent Little Boxes swap.

I have a fairly large living room - approx 24 foot by 12 foot - and that is it completely covered.

I couldn't fit them all into one photo - hence the rather odd looking pic - I took 3 and merged them together in Photoshop (thanks again to Darby for the lend of his PC :))

Insane isn't it??? lol

Darbs and I were up till around 3am this morning sorting them all out into envelopes to be sent to the swapees.

I'd say we were about two thirds of the way done when we gave up.

More envelope stuffing tonight for me tonight then!

It'll all be worth the effort though when people start to receive their swaps :)


Alter Me said...

wow!!!!!!!! that is AMAZING chic!!!!!

stampgalaxy said...

Wow, that's serious over crowding.


Sid said...

My God Hazel, knew there would be a lot but...............!!! Major job to swap with so many, congratulations on your stirling efforts. Looking forward to receiving them very much.

tasket basket said...

Oh, wow! That is awesome! It *is* a little city.

"It'll all be worth the effort though when people start to receive their swaps :)"

Yay for your swappers! I'm sure they will all love them!

Sam said...

Eeeeeep! That's a great property portfolio you got there! Can't wait to receive mine, thank you so much for organising it!

PS what happened to the charm collection? I made one for your friend if you're still collecting ;)

Sam aka Smarty

Monika said...

Supertronic. That town looks pretty full on. Hun you are an angel for sorting this out. Great swap. Thanks for letting me take part. X

Julie Corfield said...

Awesome swap Sarah!! Thanks sooo much for letting me play along :) I love my new town :) Juliexx

She said...

WOW!! I received mine this week and they are fantastic. Well done on organising this swap, I've loved taking part. xxx

kasia | szkieuka said...

i was telling my husband about this swap, and he right away said "this is over a thousand houses!!" - he is way more math-oriented than I am :D Then I started imagining 1000 houses... now I know what it looks like :D