Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm obscenely proud of this :)

It's bloody hard work joining a full Persian weave into a continuous chain, you know (well I found it bloody hard work lol)

Dead chuffed that it worked out, the bracelet is just big enough to roll on to my wrist easily - so no need for a clasp - but not so big that it hangs loose.

Two more piccies, just because I love it :)

Did I mention I love this bracelet, and I made it all by myself, and I'm very clever? :D

PS the rings are red and purple, not red and blue, but it looks blue in the photos


Sid said...

That looks so supple and endless....if you know what I mean. Great work and all the very best for Christmas !!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Very clever you like it though? lol ;0)...Happy Christmas x

Anonymous said...

Looks like something I would almost certainly have thrown across the room in a huff long before getting to the end.
Nice one.

Carmen Wing said...

It looks a gorgeous Cadbury purple and red on my machine, very amazing work! Lovely.

Anonymous said...

same here, it's a beaut :)