Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a homemade Christmas

It's been an expensive year, especially after having my bag stolen in Florida and having to wire money over to replace everything that was lost (hopefully one day the insurance will pay me at least some of it back....)

So I didn't have much cash to buy Christmas presents fact I had pretty much nada.... so I used some Argos and Amazon vouchers I had been hoarding, and tried to make as many presents as possible...

Here are a couple of the things I made, Jay got a hand stencilled t shirt (he likes graffiti hence the three spray cans - Banksy stylee) - and if you look closely you'll see his necklace that I also made - it's a Jens Pind chain in brass, bronze and copper.

Darby's girlfriend Beth loves turtles, so I made her this charm bracelet:

and I made Darby a dinosaur themed gift box and fake "tickets" for a Dinosaur show that he is going to go to next year in London - I'll buy the actual tickets next payday - forgot to take pics of that one, sorry

Last but not least, this one wasn't technically a Christmas pressie, but was delivered just before the big day so kind of counts, a Helm bracelet in rubber and anodised aluminium for my bessie Alison:

Next year hopefully I'll be able to afford to buy real pressies, but it was kind of fun having to be a bit inventive and thrifty this time :)


Anonymous said...

Even if it's kind of a Christmas present I absolutely love it :) and Jay's T shirt turned out even better than expected :) (is he welded to that DS, Bessie?)

Anonymous said...

ian wants a black version of that tshirt - will pay. and can you make me a version of alison's bracelet in other colours - again will pay..

Rhomany said...

Had a thrifty Christmas here too. Was a lot of hard work but fun. Loving these link bracelets you're making, they're very cool.
Happy New Year to you all :)