Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....it's a secret.......

I think perhaps I was a little ill advised to take on two brand new CJs starting within a fortnight of each other....they have taken up every second of my free time for about the last 6 weeks, but never mind, they are both now out on their journeys, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting them ready for the off.

This time the theme of the circle journal is Disney....a subject dear to my heart after our recent Orlando holiday....I am hosting this one over on UKScrappers.

My book's specific theme is "Disney Secrets" - eg hidden Mickeys, the back stories for the attractions, in jokes and easter eggs in the movies, the little details most people miss, etc.

Here's my intro page...in keeping with the "secrets" theme, I decided to hide away all the information behind flaps and in envelopes, I hope the recipients enjoy delving into the various nooks and crannies:

The book itself is a 7 Gypsies envelope book, so what I am asking each participant to do is decorate their envelope to give a hint at what is inside, and then fill the envelope with whatever they choose that will tell their story - eg a folded scrapbook layout, a large tag, a mini book etc.

Here is my envelope, front and back:

Can you guess the subject of my entry???


How about with a close up of that wallpaper? :

Yup, you've got it....my subject is Secrets of the Haunted Mansion, one of the best rides in the whole of the Disney empire, in my opinion.

The contents of my envelope look like this when first pulled out:

And that unfolds to this:

Some close ups:

I had a lot of fun researching this entry, I found hundreds of legends, secrets and details about the Mansion, but only had room to include a handful.

For example, did you know that when the Doom Buggies descend into the house as you start the ride, they go down precisely 6 feet, signifying the riders' entry into the world of the dead.

Or that the reason the ladies appear to be leading as they dance in the ballroom, is that the imagineer who designed the dancing animatronics, forgot that they would appear reversed once reflected in the mirror used to give them their ghostly appearance.

There was limited room in that envelope, however, so I had to narrow it down (and just as well because I could have ended up working on this one for months! I ended up a day or two overdue as it was).

I can't wait to see the book again, in 11 months or so, filled with everyone else's juicy secrets :)


Anonymous said...

WOW - yet another amazing CJ - I dont know how you managed to do 2.....1 was enough for me!

forcryeye said...

Fabulous! You have such a knack for design and color! Wherever did you get that paper and purple letters????????

Sarah said...

which paper hun? the Haunted Mansion wallpaper? I found a dingbat font with the motif on it and printed it onto red paper, oversprayed with purple glimmer mists and then picked out the eyes with white gel pen. I was chuffed at how much like the "real deal" it came out :)

the purple letters - I presume you mean the "welcome foolish mortals"? they were cut out using Ravenscroft font (the same font used for the real Haunted Mansion logo) on my Cricut.

glad you liked it :) hope you are settling well into your new home xx

Kat said...

That's AMAZING, Sarah ... soooo wish I'd be in that CJ group!!! :D

Maggie said...

That's brilliant sarah - and the style of your CJ is just exactly right for my entry - now when does it get to me LOL

Unknown said...

OMG Sarah that is absolutely fab! Really can't wait to see it in real life! Will have to start investigating disney now!

Sid said...

Fab CJ's Sarah !

Anonymous said...

fantastic, cant wait to see it IRL xx fionax

Carmen Wing said...

I love that ride so much. Some really interesting facts there. This CJ positively ROCKS!