Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First time I've made jewellery in ages....

Two blog posts in one day????  I might need to sit down for a rest in a minute :)

So, anyway, I asked my middle son what his girlfriend would like for Christmas.... and a week later, I asked him again....and then again, repeatedly....until he finally came back with "she said you can make her some earrings or something".

"What sort of earrings does she like?", I asked him.

"I dunno!  NICE ones!"

Thanks Darbs, very helpful.

So, with that incredibly clear brief in hand, I made these - small sterling silver hoops that she can either wear on their own or with the 4 sets of interchangeable "dangly bits".  With any luck these will count as "NICE ones"!

(and don't worry, she doesn't read this blog :) )

Dangles #1 - black & white glass beads on coiled silver wire
Dangles #2 - purple chain mailled moebius balls
Dangles #3 - green glass pillow beads on wire
Dangles #4 - Tibetan silver leaf beads on handmade 2 by 2 chain
I think the last ones are my favourites

And with those made and wrapped, I am now officially 100% ready for christmas, tree up, all pressies bought and wrapped, stockings ready, woohoo!!! :)

I probably won't blog again before the big day, so have a good one, won't you :)

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Erika Jean said...

those are better than nice! Cool that you can change them. Merry Christmas!