Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's been a long time coming.....

...but my bessie mate, Alison G, is finally hoooooooome!!!!!

It’s been almost 3 years since she last spent the night in her own bed in her own house, having been very very poorly, can you imagine being away from home for so long??? No, neither can I. I’m just so glad she is finally back under her own roof as of last Tuesday.

Which, completely un-coincidentally, is the day I did this CJ entry for her.

How completely and utterly apt that Alison’s CJ – themed “Home” – should be due to come back to her just as she arrived back exactly there.

It wasn’t planned that way – when the CJ was first sent out, her estimated home date was Spring 2010, but red tape delay after red tape delay pushed that back to December. But she has finally made it, and we’re all SO happy for her!

So here’s my CJ entry….my last in this UKStampers circle, just waiting for my own to come home's a welcome home party featuring all her favourite people (and her lovely doggy, Molly) :)

I do apologise for the spider and web – I’m quite sure Alison’s hubby made sure the house was thoroughly spick and span for her grand arrival – but the CJ was one of those ones where you have to use a stamp provided by the host – and the stamp was the cobweb. And I guess at least it does give a figurative nod to the fact she hasn’t been home in a while….

The guests at her welcome home party range from her own hubby and Molly, myself and my family, through a couple of NHL hockey players, and the chap who plumbed in her new bathroom, to Stephen Fry and that vampire dude from True Blood. Sounds like a fun party to me! :)

It’s just a pity we couldn’t have all been there in person to greet her as she came through the front door.

Welcome home bessie!!!


Anonymous said...

what great news! And an amazing CJ entry for her to treaure.

Alison Griffiths said...

Love it! It's gorgeous.

Alison Griffiths said...

And I love you loads!

Michelle S said...

Awww! A tear in my eye! I love the layout, I love it that Ali's home.... fab fab fab! xoxoxox

monika said...

I am so thrilled for your friend. (and for you. We need our dear ones close). Great entry too. :)