Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fancy being in the Guinness Book of Records???

....that is of course depending on the book of records having a section for tallest handmade book.....

but regardless, please check out the Tallest Handmade Book In The World project over at the Altered Bits blog - and I'm sure you'll be as excited as I am about the whole thing, and hopefully want to join in

We are each to make 4 pages (well, I'm sure you can make more if you get the urge, but I'm just aiming for the 4 at least to start with)

I've finished off my first page today, using my favourite Haida orca image (this is one of the orcas I have tattooed on my back, and the wonderful Michelle Ward was kind enough to hand carve me a stamp to match, lucky me!!)

I'm not sure yet what's going on the other three pages....I'm not going to bother trying to connect them in theme as they could well end up separated in the final book depending on how the signatures are made up.

But I want all the pages to be very "me" - so I'm thinking stone angels and skulls in the mix somewhere....

Can't wait to see the final book - here's hoping it gets to ceiling height! :D


Marit said...

Ahh, you found Alicia too?!! I still have to start my pages, but I'm definitely in! I thought the 4 pages you make are one signature, so they can't be seperate in the book... am I wrong? Have to check that out again then... Oh, and did I say I ADORE your page? I do!

Sarah said...

They are one folded page but I figured she would be grouping 2 or 3 into each signature so you might end up with something else in between your pages 1 and 2, and your pages 3 and 4 - I might be wrong!

Shirley said...

Loving this idea Sarah, off to investigate now.
Your signature page is fantastic and I am so jealous of that stamp!
Looking forward to seeing your other pages.