Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The in between is mine....

I love it when two of my passions collide - in this case it's my "art" (I'm still not brave enough to drop the air quotes :) ) and my music

This is my entry in this month's "Rock Resurrected" circle journal - the book is Kate's and her theme is song lyrics.

Kate has asked for our entries to be done in 'art journal style'.  I'm not sure if this is quite what she had in mind, but this mix of collage, stencils and stamped lettering in the background is very typical of a page out of my own journal, so it's definitely art journal style for me.

For my song I have chosen the wonderful "I Am Mine" by Pearl Jam.  The central message of the song is that you and only you are in control of, and responsible for, your own mind and your own life.  Something we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

I stamped the full text of the first two verses in the background, and picked out the following lines for prominence:

I know I was born
and I know that I'll die
The in between is mine
I am mine

I really enjoyed pulling this page together, in my element with my spray paints and my stamps and my stencils.  A fun way to spend an afternoon off work.


Carmen Wing said...

Wow, wow, wow Sarah! This is amazing! I have just gone off and You Tubed the song and will now shortly be buying some of their music. (Yeah, I am very tunnel visioned with my music!) Gorgeous - both the pages and the song!

Morti said...

That is one very cool piece of ART. I think you can officially drop the air quotes now...

Tessa said...

Ooooh wow.... love tha baby face / skull... beautiful!

xx Tessa

Virginia said...

Wow that is absolutely awesome Sarah - a gorgeous gorgeous page!

TJ said...

This is SO visually awesome, with the arms stretched out between the babyface and the skull... it's like "GASP"
no kidding.
You go girl!!