Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

An art journal page just for the fun of it this month, no soul searching or deep and meaningful journalling, just a little spookiness for Halloween.

This is my response to a recent prompt on A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal:

THE PROMPT: Eye opener
THE SONG: Why are we sleeping - Soft Machine
Written Lyrics HERE

I loved the lyrics to the chosen song, and in particular I found this verse fascinating, if rather creepy:

people are watching - people who stare - waiting for something that's already there

That part, along with the mention of a mask, made me think of one of my own occasional nightmares, masked white faces with eyes like dark pools, just staring at me silently.  shudder!  :D

So, a halloween page it had to be.

Other than the alcohol ink for the blood dripping from his eyes, everything else on here was spray painted so it all came together quickly.

Just looking at the page is freaking me out a little, I think I'll close my art journal and put it away ....

AJED : 100/365

(Although I have clearly fallen well short of art journalling EVERY day this year - I'm chuffed to hit day 100 with this page!)


Mrs Pretzel said...

LOVE. This is perfect!! I'm so glad you came to the blog and shared!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Shirley said...

You have certainly captured the 'spooky' feeling of Halloween and used the prompt brilliantly. :-)

Sue said...

FABULOUS page, if a little creepy, perfect for Hallowe'en. That quote does have something about it!

Marit said...

This page does give me the shivers too Sarah - still I keep looking at it. What a marvelous take on this prompt! Wowzah!!!

Carmen Wing said...

Ooooooh! It's SO good Sarah! I think I have that dream too, combined with the legs like lead, can't run away one.

Love how the numbers in the bottom corner seem to merge into the background but glow at the same time.

Glenda T. said...

This is soooo flippin cool!!!!!

Unknown said...

wow-great page-did you use cans of spray pint-or one of those air thingys?

Lorraine said...

well done on doing 100 art journalling pages..I have sort of got side tracked with my latest watercolour phase! thanks for your encouraging comments and I like your spooky pages