Saturday, April 17, 2010

A to Z year : March 26th-April 8th : the letter G

I really should blog these fortnights more promptly, as we're now so far past the end of the 'G' fortnight that I can barely remember what we did :)

Thankfully, I have my "letter G" photos all filed away, and they should jog my let's see what's in the folder....

Aha! Yes, of course, during the first weekend, we spent an afternoon at glorious Gloucester cathedral, specifically looking at all the gorgeous stained glass:

The cloisters were especially breath-taking:

Oh, and we also saw some gargoyles :)

Then that Saturday evening, we went to a hockey game and saw our team score goal after goal after goal (we beat Manchester Phoenix 10-2, which was a brilliant result for us!)

The next weekend, we did a spot of geocaching - up near one of Wiltshire's famous white horses:

Jay found this one, his first solo find :)

Nothing to do with G specifically, but I got this nice pic of Connor up near the cache site:

And this 180 degree panorama of the view from up near the white horse - this is made from 11 separate photos stitched together, click to enlarge for a closer look...

A couple of days later, I took a day off from work, and Connor and I went to London to visit Grandad (aka my dad). It was lovely to see him, I wish we lived closer.

While still in London, we took the tube up to Greenwich to the Royal Observatory, it was a glorious sunny day and we really enjoyed walking around the grounds before attending an astronomy show in the Planetarium and looking around the time and space related museums - a perfect afternoon for a geek like me :)

We even got to stand on the prime meridian (the 0 degree line of longitude, and where Greenwich Mean Time originates), which was pretty darned cool.

A couple of days later, I took another day's annual leave (as it was the Easter holidays) and Connor and I went back to Chessington theme park.

We don't usually visit the zoo there - being adrenaline junkies, we usually just ride the rides solidly until kicking out time - but on this visit we felt duty bound, it being G fortnight, to visit the gorillas:

Sadly they don't have grizzly bears, giraffes or gnus.

And that, I think, just about wraps it up for the letter G, apart from this cool suncatcher that Connor made in a glasspainting session at his holiday club:

I'll be back soon with tales of what we got up to for the letter H....


Sid said...

Great photos Flo, especially like the ones of Gloucester Cathedral !

Amy said...

I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!