Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little birdie #2 of 2

aka, "more custard, Vicar?"

As promised, here is the second CJ in a row in which I've been given a bird stamp to use. It's a good job we still had some spare ideas left over from the first one.

This idea was Jay's - "Bird's Custard" - genius :)

It was difficult for me to do, as it involved drawing, and I can't draw!

But I got there in the end...

Here's my page - complete with a multitude of shrink plastic custard birdies:

It's supposed to be a kind of aerial view of the jug pouring custard onto a slice of cherry pie on a blue and white plate on a red checked tablecloth....I'm not sure how clear that actually is....

The title was written with an embossing pen and embossed with some lovely creamy yellow embossing powder that I just KNEW I'd find a use for one day - perfect custard colour :)

And here's the sign in bit at the back:

This one went in the post today, and I have already received the next CJ in the chain - this next one has a FAB stamp, can't wait to work with it! Just you wait and see :)


Sid said...

Fab idea brought to life by your entry !

Anonymous said...

Oh!! It's from above! It's very very cool IRL too :)