Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Proud to be a (adopted) Swindonian!

My Disney CJ this month is themed on EPCOT's World Showcase.

Bit of a tricky one for me, as I haven't been there in years and years - we only managed two trips to Florida in the last decade - on the first we managed about 20 minutes in EPCOT before Darby got a migraine and we had to leave, and then last year, we never made it there at all thanks to my bag (and Disney tickets) getting itself stolen. Boo.

I did go to World Showcase a couple of times back in the 90s, but I have no photos from that period of my life, and to be honest I can't remember much about it...apart from the cool troll ride in the Norway bit.

But all is not lost, I live in Swindon - so I have a perfect connection with the World Showcase.... our Twin Town plaque!

We Swindonites were all most excitable when we were named Walt Disney World's first ever Twinned Town at the back end of last year....and one of the most squeeeee-worthy aspects of the whole deal is that we get a fancy plaque in the UK Pavilion at the World Showcase over in Florida for the whole of 2010.

So my CJ entry, a simple one this month, celebrates our twin status:

Go Swindon Go! :)

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Sid said...

Nice one Flo, hope you manage to visit again soon !