Monday, May 10, 2010

the quest for the Ultimate.Cheese.Sandwich!

This all started a few months ago - late one night Jay and I were aimlessly surfing the TV channels looking for something that looked worth watching before bedtime. 

We found an unexpectedly interesting documentary about a Cotswold baker preparing for some kind of "best loaf in England" competition, which he duly won (and had won in previous years also)

Jay recognised the small bakers' shop as it was in the pretty village of Nailsworth, Glos, close to where he used to play football, and I asked if we could go there one day (early! that bread sells out in no time).

Fast forward to this weekend.

I went to Jay's on Friday night for a sleepover, to make sure we would be able to get out on our quest bright and early Saturday morning.

Said quest had developed a bit since the initial "let's go to that bakery one day and buy a tasty loaf", to "let's scour the Cotswolds for the most delicious ingredients known to man, and build the Ultimate.Cheese.Sandwich"

And that's exactly what we did, and it took us all morning and cost us a fortune, but boy was it worth it :)

The bakery is that purty white building to the right of the photo, wth the lovely pink blossomed tree outside, blossom confetti demonstrated by Reece :)

In the picture you can also see the gorgeous handmade chutney we bought (top left), the local dairy farmer selling the world’s stinkiest, mouldiest, but most delicious cheese (top middle), and at the bottom, the sign that informed us that our butter was “in the cow yesterday” :)

We also bought the-best-tomatoes-I-have-ever-tasted-in-my-life from another local farmer (not pictured)

Here are the ingredients once we’d got them home. I bet your mouth’s watering now :)

And a close up of the cheese....the mouldier and mankier it looks, the better it tastes - delicious!

The final sandwich is pictured in all its glory at the top of this page, and trust me, it tasted as wonderful as it looks.

And, in honour of J fortnight, we washed it all down with some utterly fabulous fresh pressed Gloucestershire apple and pear juice. Yum.

I'm such a foodie :)

It’s just a pity we can’t afford to eat like this all the time, it’s back to Tesco Value now for me…. but at least I’ll always have the memories of the UCS :)


Anonymous said...

All I can say is YUM!!!!

Sounds like a fun adventure with a delicious result!

Anonymous said...

wow the ingredients look amazing....and I can even taste the sandwich now...yum yum

Michelle S said...


Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by cheese, but when it comes to actually eating it I can't deal with anything remotely strong or stinky.

Unknown said...

what a fun adventure...I love doing stuff like this!

Erika Jean said...

minuse the cheese (YUCK!), everything looks awesome ;-P