Sunday, May 16, 2010

A to Z year : April 23rd - May 6th : the letter I

Well, this isn't going to be the longest, most involved A-Z post yet, because we didn't do tons of different I-related stuff, but we did do one very major bit of I-related stuff.

We went to the Isle of Wight for a mini holiday - yay!

This was totally spontanteous, we were talking midweek as H was coming to an end, about the letter I and what we were going to do....I said, it would be great if we could go to the Island.....and then thought, well, why don't we???

So we swiftly booked the ferry and a hotel, and 3 days later we were there :) :) :)

We had the best time there - thanks again A-Z Year!

Some piccies (the full set are here) :

While on the Isle of Wight, we did of course have some ice cream:

and we popped to the ice rink in Ryde to see goalie-star-of-the-future Dan Murray play in a junior game.

But they were the only I-specific activities we could find on the island.... (I think just being there counts, though)

The following weekend, we went down to Dorset for a couple of days, to stay with my in-laws.  

On the Saturday, we were invited to a birthday party on the beach - happy birthday Michelle!


The following day we did some geocaching, and one of the caches we visited was on the site of Britain's largest Iron Age hillfort, Maiden Castle.  It was a wonderful location, another that we would never have discovered if it wasn't for our ace hobby, no doubt.  In fact, we have been to loads of great geocaching locations recently, I'll have to do another caching-specific blog post one day.

But in the meantime, here's that hillfort:

And I think that's it for I fortnight
See you next time around with the letter J....

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Kerry said...

Great I words. Visiting an island (even though we live on one lol) is the best one.