Monday, November 08, 2010

from orange to blue....

...that just about sums up my change in mood since my last blog post.  Since October 15th when I uploaded my "orange" page, it seems that what was left of the summer sun has disappeared, and we're left with cold, wet days and dark evenings, bleeuuurghhh.  I don't like winter :(

That aside, here's my entry in the blue journal in my current colours CJ.

I wanted to do something a little different in this book, and as someone who uses computers constantly for both work and leisure, an homage to the dreaded BSOD - blue screen of death - seemed appropriate.

I hope it sums up the sick feeling I get in my stomach as that blue screen appears when I'm in the middle of something desperately important that I haven't saved :|

I wanted to stamp all the text in the background, but none of my white inks were co-operating, so I had to handwrite it instead.  Hopefully that doesn't spoil it too much.

 A quick how-to:
  • the background is blue acrylic paint scraped onto watercolour paper with an old credit card
  • the computer text is written with a Ranger Inkessentials white pen 
  • the gloopy stuff at the top is cut with a Martha Stewart border punch 
  • the gravestones were cut freehand from navy textured card
  • the skulls were stamped with midnight blue Stazon onto light blue vellum, cut out, and then made into stickers with a baby Xyron
  • the title letters are MM chipboard, painted and then given a coat of clear UTEE
Mint/lime green next, looking forward to that one, I like green.


Erika Jean said...

Great work! You're so crafty!

Sid said...

Fab colours and layout !!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

I love it. The tombstones are fantastic! And the handwriting doesn't take away from it at all.
It is so incredibly, meltingly hot in central Virginia (it was 100 degrees or hotter for six weeks in a row in July/Aug this year) for about eight or nine months out of the year that I welcome winter with relish. If I could, I would move to a cooler climate in a heartbeat! We always have our eye on the Pacific Northwest... Anyway, I love the page!!

P.J. said...

That looks really cool and like a lot of fun. I assume it took a while to do?