Friday, November 11, 2011

Brrrring on the bllllling!

Well this pushed me a little out of my comfort zone :D

But that's why circle journals are fun!

This is my latest entry in the Project Runway CJ - and the theme for this journal was the drag queen challenge.

Now this doesn't mean that we had to make a page about an actual drag queen (although my punk rock princess does look a teeny bit butch!) - but that we had to roll out the bright colours and, most importantly, the BLING.

Eeeek, I really don't do bling :)

But as soon as I started thinking jewels..... jewellery....PIERCINGS!  I was back on home turf, yay!

So I found a photo online of a rather prim and proper young lady, and proceeded to re-invent her complete with a punk rawk makeover, with tattoos and piercings galore, and that rather fetching hair style.  Quite an improvement if you ask me :)

There is so much on the page that is super shiny or glittery, it was virtually impossible to take a photo of.

For example the "punk rock bling" title is actually on extra reflective mirror film, and the purple stripes (which are actually straight and parallel to the edge in real life, honest) are shiny too:

So please do use your imaginations to fill in all the glare :)


Sid said...

Looks positively blingy Flo !!

Virginia said...

Well I think you managed to pull off the 'bling' factor, it's fun being out of your comfort zone sometimes isn't it!

Tessa said...

Gorgeous!! love the lips on the background too!

xx Tessa

Jennibellie said...

This is absolutely beautiful. All of your pages look gorgeous though. Thanks for sharing, much love Jennibellie :) x

Shirley said...

WOW I am a bit of a blingy girl Sarah so she is just perfect in my eyes. Well done for taking on the challenge of being out of your comfort zone and doing it so brilliantly.