Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spoilt rotten!!

Squee!!  Airbrush!!!  squee!!!! Dremel soldering iron!!! Squeeeee!!!! Browncoats and Chicago Wolves badges!!   Squeee!!!! Serenity book!!!  DAB radio!!!  books!!!!  Haida necklace!!!  Secret santa bracelet!!!  Pom pom makers!!!!  I'm so spoilt!!!!!

Here's a closer look at my gift from Carmen's secret santa this year - a fabulous bracelet and ring from Brandy in the US of A - Michigan is one of my favourite states, thank you!


Michelle Webb said...

I think you were well and truly spoilt there Sarah. I was equally spoilt too. I got lots of crafty books. Love them all. I've got a pic at the bottom of my post with my stash on. Can't wait to see what you make with your dremmel and soldering iron! Michelle x

Virginia said...

Oh Sarah - so much to enjoy and the ring and bracelet are gorgeous!

Helen said...

What a lovely Secret Santa gift! And so many other treasures, too.