Saturday, December 22, 2012


Well, the weather outside is frightful, as the song goes, so I wanted something to do with the boys this afternoon.

I'd seen something on t'interwebs about glittery dinosaur ornaments, and that seemed like a fun thing to do, so I nipped out to the shops this morning to buy some cheap plastic dinos and got to work

Of course the kids didn't help at all because the X-Box was singing its siren song, but I enjoyed myself anyway :D

Step one, slather the dino with PVA glue:

Step two, dunk with glitter:

Step three, rewind, and realise that it would have been easier to screw the eye hook in first so that I had something to hold:

Rinse and repeat until you have three super sparkly prehistoric buddies:

And hang in tree:

and Pterry
This is most likely my last blog post before the big day, so Happy Christmas everyone! 


Carmen Wing said...

Ah, so this is why the shopping trip for dinos and glitter :D

LOVE THEM! And may have to copy blatantly next year ;)

Virginia said...

Genius I love them Sarah - glad you had sparkly glittery fun yesterday afternoon even if the intended were busy xboxing it LOL

Jana said...

I LOVE these. They turned out very cool. And thanks for the tip on putting the eye in first.

Michelle Webb said...

OMG! I love it! Genius idea Sarah, I wish I had thought of that. You have a very unique Christmas ornaments now. I'm jealous! Merry Christmas x. Michelle xx