Thursday, December 27, 2012

A post Christmas round up ....

My blog has been very quiet recently, not because I've not been making stuff, but because most of the makings have been for Christmas pressies and the like ....

But now the big day is over I'm safe to blog

First of all, a book made for my friend Michelle when she came over from the States in October:

The skyline is Venice and the beads are Venetian glass

A couple of birthday cards:

More cards, Christmas ones this time (only made a handful for posting for immediate family and my bestest pal, I'm pretty rubbish at Christmas cards):

A bracelet for Jay's mum as she liked a similar one I made for myself a while back:

Yet more cards, these were for my kids and other half:

(Minecraft / Snoop Dogg / Pokemon)

(Breaking Bad / Battlestar Galactica)

A bracelet for my Secret Santa (I know she has opened up her gifts and she has already sussed they were from me, I think, so hopefully this is safe to blog):

I think I will make myself one of these, it's a good way to use up the leather I have spare from bookbinding, and it's a different twist on a charm bracelet that I haven't seen anyone else doing (although I'm sure someone somewhere must have already had the same idea!)

And I also made her a green man stencil:

I think that's everything ..... as you've already seen the papercut tree I made for my cousins (and yes thanks, to those who asked, they really liked it :) )

Festive round up complete!


Virginia said...

Wow loving all the creativity particularly the Venetian journal oh and the bracelets you must have the patience of a saint with all those jump rings. The green man stencil is also utterly fabulous I'm sure you recipient was over the moon

Sue said...

Wow! What a very creative Christmas you had! I think the journal is my fav:)

Luna Art said...

Big Huge thank you to my secret santa!!! I love all the gifts you sent especially the bracelet and the stencil, they were perfect and so me!!! Thanks so much Sarah, i will do a blog post when i am feeling better and can take some photos x
Love the journal you made and the christmas cards x hope you had a fab day x

Carmen Wing said...

Beautiful gifts and cards. I love that journal and the bracelet, so gorgeous. I really must make more this year, love the things I've seen everyone else has been making.