Friday, December 21, 2012

Hooray! Something I can blog!

It must look like I have been supremely un-productive recently, but I have been making stuffs, honest.  It's just that everything has been either Christmas related for people who read the blog, so I can't reveal until after the big day - or it's been for Marit's Top 2000 Blog Party, so I am waiting for that to start before I blog my contributions....

Finally, though, I've made something for my cousin, who I am pretty sure is not a blog reader, so I can put it on here :)

So, I was looking for something to buy Cousin Christine (and her hubby), and I saw this pretty papercut artwork in a local arts/crafts shop:

As you can see by the plug sockets next to it, it's not very big, and I thought £35 was a lot, given it was unframed - but I did think my cousins would like it ...... so I decided to make my own version

It took two nights and I now have very achey fingers, but I am really chuffed with the end result!

just getting started....
this was as far as I got on night one

I was getting pretty bored by this point :)
And here it is all framed and ready to wrap:

I hope they like it!

If not, I rather like how it looks on my fireplace with the little reindeers, I might just keep it :D


Jennifer Stumpf said...

Keep it! :-D

ForgedinPaper said...

I love this. Did you freehand it as you went or did you draw the template first?

Sarah said...

hi Sonja - neither, I printed it on the back of the patterned paper (you can see the design in grey in the top photo) - although I did deviate from the design a bit as I went on

Virginia said...

Oh Sarah that really is a labour of love but soooooooooooo worth it - the end result is utterly gorgeous!

Michelle Webb said...

Sarah, this is really intricate and beautiful. So much work, and such a treasure to keep too. They will love it, I'm sure. Hey, maybe I'll make you a nerdy canvas, we can have a bit of an arty swap later on if you want? I'm flat out busy until April, but would love to make you something that we have in common....numbers! Have a wonderful Christmas. Michelle xx

Jana said...

You are amazing. This is spectacular. I love it.

Shelley Malone said...

It cracks me up that you were getting bored. That's my problem too! Anyway it turned out beautifully... did she love it??