Monday, June 16, 2008

I promise to attempt to silence my inner goth soon....

But this CJ is called "Black" - what's a girl to do????

The stamp we were to use for this one was a Fleur de Lys. This is one of my very favourite symbols, so I was happy to dive into making this entry.

I coupled the FDL with a grungy stripy barcode-style stamp (a £4 bargain from the Paper Mill) to make railings for my goth girl (Stampotique) and her mysterious estate.

The hill was made from some old sheet music for a hymn. The title of the page is the name of the hymn, cut straight from the music. The house and tree on the top of the hill is a Third Coast stamp. The black splotty spots are a very wet Ranger paint dabber through holey paper.

I was originally going to title this one "Welcome to the House of Fun"....but I prefer the hymn name.... it changes the whole mood from sinister/playful/ironic to melancholy. Soooooooooo emo :)


stephanie said...

jasper fforde is ace. i love reading his books and seeing swindon mentioned :)
i'll have to pop in the range to look for the stamps. and here was me thinking £1.18 was a bargain!

GlitteryKatie said...

Oooh no DON'T silence that goth- this is fab!!!

Julie Corfield said...

There's a goth in us all - embrace it!!! lol Seriously another fab cj from you Sarah :)