Friday, June 13, 2008

It's stampy CJ time again, and we're back in outer space...

I've been trying to get away from the black and purple night sky thing - I really have!

But then a CJ turns up with the theme "stars" - what's a girl to do??!!

As well as the theme, we had this Lost Coast stamp to work with:

To be honest I struggled to fit the domino and stripy socks into my whole "comet lady being sucked into a black hole" theme, so I was going to just use the face and the wings, but in the end I used a UTEE face, so I just used the wings....I did use them twice, mind, so I hope that'll make up for it :)

A quick how-to.

The background was painted on canvas, and some stars were overstamped with silver and lilac ink. The border is black crackle paint highlighted with silver wax rub ons. The little dots (supposed to be galaxies being sucked into the black hole - you'll have to give me the benefit of the doubt here :D) were made by dabbing silver paint through a piece of paper mesh with little round holes.

The face is made from a mixture of white UTEE and a pinch or two of red embossing powder, heated and mixed in a melt pot and then poured into a face mould. If you look carefully you'll see it is covered in tiny air bubbles as I overstirred the mixture, but I really like the effect - a happy accident.

The face is set on top of a star, stamped with silver paint on black card and outlined with a Sakura stardust pen. Her wings were stamped in deep purple, coloured in with watercolour pencils and then overcoloured with the stardust pen again.

Her dress is made from muslin, primed with mod podge and then painted with pearl and lilac pearlescent fluid acrylics, and stickles glitter. I sewed all the seed beads on by hand - get me! sewing! - which was one of those things that seems like a good idea at the time, but ends up taking ages (which would be why I have only just finished this CJ entry and it is 2am, yawn)

The dymo'd lyrics are by Muse (Matty, my prophet :))

I think that's everything.

Here it is in the book:

Next CJ I promise no night sky....but I can't promise no black and purple....its theme is "black" and it has a fab fleur de lys stamp which wouldn't look sufficiently royal in anything BUT purple imo.

(stuck in a rut, moi???)

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