Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Five - 27th June 2008

The hlog five is up bright and early this morning - I'll come back later and add the other Fiver if it appears:

1.) What objects do you lose easily?
You know what? I think I'm getting better at not losing stuff. I used to lose my keys ALL the time. The classic time being when I looked all over for them for ages, gave up, was just about to resign myself to a long walk home in the rain, popped up the hood of the hoodie I was wearing and they shot across the room - they had been in my hood the whole time lol. How they got in there I have no idea.
And I used to always lose vital craft stuff, but since George helped me get organised a while back I've known where everything is.
I still lose my way a lot - does that count? And my crafting mojo has gone missing this week.

2.) What are your plans for Canada Day/the 4th of July?
Neither are desperately relevant, seeing as I'm English. But on Canada Day I'll be at Disneyland Paris which is kind of cool - and I will use that as an excuse to toast my favourite French Canadians :)

3.) Name your favorite tourist attraction where you are from?
I guess the closest tourist attraction to where I live would be Stonehenge. It's still a magical place even if they don't let you right up close to the stones any more.

4.) During what time of the day (or night) do you function best?
It doesn't work every night, because sometimes I get tired and just slump or go to bed early. But every now on then I get on a real roll quite late at night and everything seems to fall into place creatively and I make some of my favourite pieces at 2 or 3am.

5.) If you could have anyone for your brother or sister, who would you pick?
Todd Bertuzzi of course :) He's a great big brother (despite being younger than me, but since when do little details like that matter??)


Monika said...

Thanks for letting me know that the houses I made have arrived. I am glad you like them hun. :)

stephanie said...

hey flo, just curious as to where in swindon you live? im near Walmart.