Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally a bit of catch up on my A-Z Journal

I'm still behind, but now only 5 letters, not 7, and am starting to cultivate a glimmer of hope that I can catch up....

(not that I have the foggiest idea what I'm going to do for O, or for Q.... but will cross that bridge later)

K was a no brainer - this is supposed to be an A-Z of what makes me tick, after all. So K is for Kes.... my Krazy Kanuck Krush :) (ouch)

I was going for a pop art / offset print type of look on this one - but it has just ended up looking like he has kind of mutant shoulders :) Never mind, eh :)

(in reality, he has mighty fiiiiine shoulders, let me tell you :))

The second page features a beautiful photo of my mum, taken by my dad a long time ago. The original scan from my dad's photo album is below.

I used Photoshop to render the photo (extract it from its background), and sepia tone it. Then I printed the picture directly onto a sheet of cardstock that had been crumpled, tapped with distress ink pads in antique linen and tattered rose, sprayed with water and then ironed flat.

After sealing the print with an acrylic spray, I oversprayed it with a light application of Glimmer Mist in irridescent gold and then matted the page onto some paper with a houndstooth check pattern - which appealed to me for this page on my mum because she was such a snazzy dresser - always stylishly and immaculately turned out. So unlike her scruffy daughter.

The journalling for this one is on the back, a bit too personal for sharing.


Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Sarah,
Obviously you have inherited your dad's artistic talent ! Those original photos were fantastic ! You did a great job with the Photoshop alterations and the final page is lovely, stylishly and immaculately turned out, I would say...;-)

Sarah said...

oh my Dad is without a doubt the best photographer ever. He got the most perfect shots without any of the auto settings or tweaking in photoshop - or the freedom of taking unlimited pictures - that we take for granted now in the digital age

me2 said...

Girl, these are fantastic! You continue to amaze me. That photo of your mum is incredible, what a hottie! Your stencil cut in the first photo is incredible...isn't that a blast!?! xoxo your cuz