Tuesday, August 19, 2008

and it's live.....

Sorry for all the blog posts today - lots going on!

I am honoured to be involved in this project, I'm in some amazing company!

Go read over the next month (and while you are there if you are new to the Altered Page, have a look back and drool over some of Seth's artwork. His work is an absolute inspiration)


Seth said...

Sarah - thanks for posting about The Pulse and for your thoughtful comments about my blog and art! I am glad you are a part of the project.

Kim Sonksen said...

WOWEEEEE - I am totally loving that blog Sarah! Congratulations and I deffo pop that on my bookmarks.

Well, thanks for letting me know that I can now officially pounce on Ethan - that poor lad's not gonna know what hit him...bwahahahahaha

I have been following your blog through Anam, so I never really lost touch which what was going on with you - BUT

the Scorpions??? ARGH...no way would I ever admit to that - cool police around or not *snigger*

Have a fab weekend hun
K x