Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday Five from the 12th december - I'm a little late

1.) Do you take cold medicine, or do you just tough it out?
A very appropriate question given I have been ODing on it for the past week :)
Actually, that's not quite true, I took it for about 4 days I think - the stuff makes me a little loopy so I go without if I can. This particular cold was (is - still not gone) a pretty nasty one though.

2.) Do you keep all the books you buy, or do you give them away when you are finished reading them?
I have passed a few on, where friends were after a specific book and I was sure I was done with it. But most I keep - they are piled up all over the place - I really need to get rid of them! My bookcase literally fell apart under the weight of them. (and no, the photo isn't of my books, but the scene at my house isn't far off!)

3.) Are you a good speller?
Yes, fairly good. Most of my mistakes are typos from typing too quickly or tiredness, rather than not knowing how to spell.

4.) Does your room/house have a particular theme?
Ummm.... mess?

5.) Do you ever faceplant down the stairs for no apparent reason?
No, thankfully. That would hurt! I did trip over a kiddies' toy in the kitchen the other day and fell flat on my face in front of two of my eldest son's teenage friends - that was embarassing - does that count?


forcryeye said...

What kind of cold medicine do you guys have there? Please send me some! I hoard my books, the front of my house is a library...and I have to keep the bookshelves

Hazel said...

I am a book hoarder, too. And everything else I love- in fact, just a hoarder really. I stayed off the meds- could be why I still feel rough. Hope your cold goes soon!