Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Just to prove I do still occasionally make stuff....

(in between watching my hockey teams lose, and wondering who the hell to believe when it comes to Aldridge-gate, sigh)

.... here's an ATC

(black alcohol ink spin 'n' splashed onto brayered glossy card.... silver embossed bird.... words from an old book about Mozart)

and believe it or not, it ended up in the middle of this:

along with lots of other little pressies

It should have landed on the doorstep of its new home this morning, hopefully the recipient will enjoy unravelling it and watching its contents reveal themselves bit by bit :)


David said...

I really like that ATC. The spin on it reminds me of going to fairs or the amusement park as a kid and they had the make your own spin painting booths. Do you remember those?

I have been intrigued with ATCs but haven't done anything about it because my OCD side would put too much stress on myself to make sure it was perfect...not to mention the feelings of guilt if I got lazy and took weeks to complete one for trading.

Did you read about Pitt Martin. I remember him because of not only the Espo trade but he was one of the first to wear a helmet. I have his 70-71 hockey card I got as a kid.

And about your teams loses...don't worry the REAL season starts in February.

Hazel said...

Love the birdie. Your spin and splash looks very controlled- I am very impressed!

Anonymous said...

Clever Cloggs!!!!