Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Five - 28th November 2008 - on time, yay me!!!

1.) What's a good name for a frog?
Kyle, tooootally

2.) Will you be doing any shopping on Black Friday (for the Americans)?
I bought a few bits and bobs from the NHL shop in last year's BF sale - but not this year - skint as a skint thing - boo hoo

3.) When do you put up your Christmas tree (for those of you that do)?
I'm feeling very bah humbug this year but will have to do the tree at some point - a couple of weeks before the big day I expect.

4.) Who is the hardest person on your list to shop for?

Ummm - I haven't even thought about pressies yet - but I have NO idea what I'm going to get for my other half. No idea at all. I hope he isn't expecting anything expensive lol

5.) Is there any new gadget coming out this holiday season that you want?

Nope, not really. There's only one thing I really, really want for Christmas (other than world peace, the Cup and a cure for my best mate), and that's the new Canucks DVD. I'm easily pleased.

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me2 said...

I am partial to the name Kermit for a frog. Ha ha. I already have my tree up, since I am on medical leave...I had the time to set it up. I didn't do any BF shopping either really. Things are tight! I hope you get your cup, cure and world peace. xoxo