Sunday, November 02, 2008

Friday Five 2nd November

1.) Have you ever played an intramural/rec league sport?
I think this means a team sport outside of school. In which case, no, I haven't. My only sporting activity since school has been solitary stuff like swimming, aerobics classes, and going to the gym.

2.) Do you have any Halloween plans?

I am answering this a little late so Halloween is over. But I had a fab Halloween on Manchester's Canal Street in the company of FABULOUSLY costumed drag queens :)

3.) Do you carry a planner around with you?

Nope. I don't do much planning.

4.) Do you watch a lot of movies?
Nope again. I don't have time. Can't remember the last time I watched a film all through. Oh - yes I can - I took Connor to see Wall-E on his birthday in July.

5.) Are you aware who won the World Series?
I'm not even sure which sport it is! Baseball? No, no idea who won.

Apologies for lack of blog activity recently by the way. No motivation. No mojo. Feeling a bit sorry for myself. I'll snap out of it soon I expect.


Kim Mailhot said...

I hope the mojo flows again soon! Have to say I miss you in Blogland but I get having no mojo...really I do...
here's to the mojo rising....;-)
Cheers, Sarah !

Lorraine said...

love his altered wings!