Friday, November 21, 2008

Hot diggedy damn!!!! it feels SO good to be a Canucks fan right now!!!

  • 3 points clear at the top of our division

  • sitting pretty in the top 3 in the West

  • 6th in the whole damn league

  • We ran all over the best in the East - sorry Nazzy!!!

  • our goalie is a GOD and our backup's pretty darned sound too

  • Kesler's line walks on water

  • Wellwood is the feel-good story of the year

  • Ohlund? he deserves some hot damns all of his own - look at his performance in the Rangers game, wow, for which I don't think the shirt can take all the credit :) PLEASE don't trade him Mr Gillis!!!

  • Willie Mitchell - points machine :D Who'dathunkit?

  • Demitra is looking better than he has in years

  • the twins are playing like they're in a contract year (ah...wait.... :))

  • WE JUST ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this feeling!!!!!!

I'm proud to be a Canucks fan even when they are bombing out - but right now I'm outright SMUG!

And potentially somewhat over confident when I say Penguins? Bring it on!!!!!

(really looking forward to this game - the Pens are rapidly overtaking the Caps as my darlings in the East, and not only because the Cookie monster is having such a ball there - only annoying thing is that, although it is on at a wonderful time slot for us Brits, starting at 7pm our time, I won't be able to watch it live as I'll be at the Wildcats.... so nobody tell me the score before Sunday, k?)

Some fab pics from the New York road trip:

(I wonder if Jeff Vinnick wants an assistant? or a wife?)

Eeeek - crazy man drilling Kes's head!
Luongo - the best dressed homeless guy in New York
Willie entertains
Hordy is just such a cutie pie
Poor Big Bear looks more like Big Brrrrrrrr

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