Tuesday, November 11, 2008

They caught me out this week....

I went looking for the Friday Five and it wasn't there.... because instead this week there was a Saturday Six (I guess those hlog girlies want to keep us on our toes)

So here goes:

1.) Do you like rain?
I tolerate it, and appreciate that we need it for the plants to grow, but have seen rather too much of it for comfort this year, I think this summer was the wettest since records began or something equally dramatic

2.) What day of the week is laundry day?
Every day! I have three kids, and a tumble dryer that is on its last legs so takes forever to dry anything, and as already mentioned, it's not like I can hang anything outside to dry because IT IS ALWAYS RAINING - so the dryer is on constantly and the washing machine isn't far behind

3.) Are you addicted to Youtube?
Nah, the novelty has worn off a bit now. I still find it a really useful resource, though.

4.) How efficiently can you type one handed?

Not that well, as it's hard to do the capital letters if they are a long way from the shift button

5.) Did you indulge in any leftover Halloween candy?
Yes but not much, as most of it looked naaaasty

6.) What are your plans for Thanksgiving? If you are Canadian, what did you do for your Thanksgiving?
We don't have Thanksgiving here. But I think we should, it's a good concept.