Sunday, November 09, 2008

awww he so cuuuute :D

it's the little "hallo" at the start

I am so smitten lol


me2 said...

I think the part where he said he was single was the best...ha ha! He is a cutie pie, that is for sure!

Anonymous said...

Oh... Dear... :-)

btw, I pinched a ref to the googlevideo (i presume) you uploaded based on what Crazy Dog did. Hope that's okay.

I'll be walking Rob through how to do that himself sometime this week hopefully!!

Sarah said...


I can't help it - variably bearded, long-ish haired, Canadian, and a 'phenomenal skipper' - what red blooded woman wouldn't?? :D

yes - I uploaded the Googlevid - I did credit to CDM though so hopefully they won't mind - am trying to spread the good word, and all that...