Sunday, November 16, 2008

My baby

I snapped these in 2 seconds in poor indoor lighting yesterday while getting ready for the hockey game - my awesome new ice hockey lens is an awesome portrait lens too, it seems!

I especially like the ones of him practicing his rock star moves with the Guitar Hero geetar :)

As for the hockey game, I took a trillion photos, but I'm still yet to get that killer shot that I am 100% pleased with. Good job I get to at least a game a week - plenty of practice!

I do quite like this one, though - from the point near the end of the game when Sitko had lost his stick and decided that without it his best move was to grab onto the opposition for dear life :)

It was a great night of hockey for me - Wildcats beat the Romford Raiders 7-2, and then I came home and watched the Canucks similarly trump the Leafs 4-2. It just doesn't get better than that. Boy I wish we could play the Leafs more often, it was one of the most entertaining games I have watched in a long time.

The first 5 minutes were intense - we were outshot from the off, and Toronto got a virtually 2 minute 5 on 3 which was terrifying! They were coming down on us like a ton of bricks and then Lu lost his paddle. And like the miracle worker he is he managed to save at least 2 more good hard shots after that with no stick. It was amazing to watch, mindblowing, really! Wellwood got the first goal in traditional stick-it-to-the-team-that-traded-you stylee, and Kes the second on the powerplay if I remember rightly. Willie Mitchell - yes Willie Mitchell - got the game winner with a cute little tip in that looked like it surprised him as much as the rest of us - he has already been getting stick in the locker room for his little streak of assists, this is going to have finished him off :D And Dank put in an extra one for insurance. Demitra was back in the line up after a while off with injury, and it looks like he's better - three assists - THAT's the playmaking king we thought we were getting - good stuff. All in all, we looked OK out there (not perfect, in fact far from it - but good enough to stuff it to the East - yeah!!!)

Just writing all that has got me all pumped up again lol - gotta love that adrenaline rush....

It inspired me to have a little play in Photoshop :)

Now - if I could get a shot like THIS, then I'd be a happy bunny!

Although, to be fair, I'd have to be sitting IN the goal.


Lorraine said...

that camera is boss and those pics of Connor are great..especially the guitar ones and the top one..hey you will have to get into scrapbooking now!! ha ha!!

Hazel said...

Your photos are great- that second one of Connor seems to really catch the light- very pro. The hockey ones you have been showing are great too- I bet even the pros still take hundreds of shots to get that killer one. You just need the right thing to happen at the right time and you'll be selling to the press ;)

forcryeye said...

I still want to take a big bite out of that cutie. He is so dang cute I can't stand it! Your photos are freaking great! I just can't get a decent photo with my digital, any digital. I am thinking I have to go back to my film camera.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Love the one of Connor witht he guitar.

I've tagged you btw. :)

forcryeye said...

Hey Cuz, I tagged stop by the forcryeye blog. xoxo

Lori said...

Hi! It's cool to find such awesome canucks blogs. Saturday's the big showdown! Impressive photo shop, btw. If anyone's parting the waters, it should be your Luongo.

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