Friday, November 14, 2008

Do I like the new alternate jersey?

Yes, yes I think I do :)

I love Johnny Canuck on the shoulders, and I see what they have done with the stick in rink to make the C more prominent. And I always loved the vintage kit anyway.

added to my christmas list....

Trying to decide whose name and number to go for, though. I already have 2 Keslers, a Linden and a Bertuzzi. Tempted to go for Lu's if I can get one with the C. But then again he's maybe too obvious a choice. There are lots of other current Canucks I like a lot - Burrows perhaps....or Hordy. Ohlund would be cool with the A (although if I was going for an A I probably ought to get another Kesler)

decisions decisions.....

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Anonymous said...

I suggest Alex Burrows. At least, that's the one I want! :)