Friday, December 05, 2008

Sports fans have short memories

I know I do

After four straight losses for my beloved Canucks (hard fought, but not hard enough), and a nul point weekend for my cats last week, I’ve forgotten what winning feels like.

That adrenaline from the week before, when both teams were riding high in their respective leagues and seemed unbeatable, has left my bloodstream now. After the buzz there is always the downer. It’s chemical.

And like any self respecting junkie, I want to feel that chemical in my blood again, I need to.

Which is why I won’t be jumping off any bandwagons any time soon. I won’t let myself believe that the sky is falling as fast as our placements in the respective rankings.

I have faith in my boys to give me that feeling of joy again, that winning buzz. More faith than is warranted, probably. And in the case of the Wildcats, more faith than the new coach* has, maybe.

And the reason I have so much faith – is that I know they need it as much if not more than I do.

Vancouver NEED to prove they are still a team without Luongo. They NEED to get some of that beautiful momentum back that carried them through the last road trip, even for a game or two post-Luongo. That tasted like nectar from the gods for them, and they want to taste it again, I know they do. They need to get their self belief back, not to mention their rightful spot at the head of the North West. And I KNOW they can do it. Tonight.

Swindon NEED to rally together after all the upheaval of the past fortnight. They need to get behind their new coach and new on ice leaders (HUGE congrats to new C Lee Richardson, by the way, I’m so pleased with this appointment). They need to get last weekend out of their systems. They need to get back into an effort --> win --> reward cycle. Starting tomorrow.

I really mean it, you have to win me a game or two, PLEASE, boys, get us all a fix of that winning feeling. Because cold turkey SUCKS, doesn’t it?

* Actually, the jury is still out on this one. On one hand I think that this could be demotivational for the squad, especially the younger guys who, implicitly, are the ones Mr Aldridge wouldn’t necessarily have chosen for his roster. I am hoping that the youngsters (many of whom have been playing brilliantly so far this season, IMO, especially Long and Hayes) will read this and think “ok, let’s show the new boss what I’ve got” not “he doesn’t rate me anyway, so I might as well coast”. And on the other hand, I applaud Ryan’s realism and honesty. I like straightforward. Mike Gillis is straightforward. I think I like him too. Anyway, I digress.


Sarah said...

Yes!!! Get iiiinnnnn!!!! Well done Canucks!!!!

Sarah said...

and now I can die happy. thank you wildcats!!!