Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good luck to the Dancing Queens!

It's my turn again to host the newbie CJ over at UKScrappers, I always enjoy this opportunity to get ten innocent victims hooked on circle journals :)

I am a CJ pusher *insert evil cackle*

This time around the girls have voted to call themselves the Dancing Queens (they were on a bit of an Abba kick at the time...), and so I thought this silhouette of laydeees having a boogie 70s style would be just right for their "good luck, enjoy your first CJ" cards.

Nice easy cards, as I had to make 10 (not sure why I only photographed 9, I deffo made 10), and didn't have much time.... a bit of spin n splash (never get tired of that toy!), some gold card for matting, a couple of gems, a bit of ink stippled around the edge, 'good luck' stamped inside, bish bash bosh, job's a goodun :)

Have fun with the CJ queenies!


Emily said...

Thanks, cant wait to get going :)

Hazel said...

Another good spin and splash background- it really suits those stamps, too. Have fun with the CJ

Angelnorth said...

Fantastic and what a lovely idea to send good luck cards for the "CJ virgins". Love the spin and splash and it's perfect with the silhouette ladees - great job!

Anonymous said...

Cuz, these are wicked cool. Who wouldn't be inspired by that? Fantastic.

Sid said...

Ahhh the great spin'n'splash revolution, love the cards......they are simple but really effective. Hope they love the CJ scene.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I so wish I were a part of this fun party! The cards are really terrific!