Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh. Dear. Lord.

Helllooooooooooo Mr Hordichuk!!

I know, I know, I know - those 6 words hardly constitiute serious hockey analysis, and I do try so hard to keep the inner bunny under control.

But sheeesh, I have a pulse!! (and it appears to be going a little faster than usual!)


Tracey said...

Hahahahahaha... what you like!

Anonymous said...

Y'know.. can't say Hordi does it for me. Mind you, not sure if any of the 'nucks do it for me. I'll still cheer for them though!

Lorraine said...

he's a bit of alright or a "shagbag" as they used to say in 6th form!! Takes your mind off work though..sorry to hear that life/work is chaotic for you..hope it gets better soon. thanks for your comments on my blog..I am catching up with blogging now as my Sky connection keeps going off!!