Friday, September 04, 2009

6 weeks since I last made anything??? poor show!

....and this could be the last thing for a while as this CJ is now officially over :(

I've so enjoyed the 12 mini quilty things I've made for this fabric round robin, and would love to do more of the same, but the truth is they are so time consuming that it just doesn't leave me time to do anything else.

So I've decided to revert to paper for my next couple of circle journals - one arty farty one with the girls from UKStampers, and a more scrapbooky Disney CJ over at UKS. Both start in November, so watch this space in a few months.

But today, for the last time, it's all about the fabric.

This is my contribution to Irboo's CJ, I do hope she likes it.

The swallow was hand appliqued, and then the whole thing was quilted with low loft batting.

I don't know what else to say about it really :) I'm out of practice with writing blog entries lol

Oh yes - I added some metal letters to spell "fly", forgot that bit :)

see you again in November or December


Sid said...

Very nice Sarah, love your stitching !

Lorraine said...

really like this bird mini quilt..I agree with you quilting takes ages to do. I am sort of mixing it up with paper stuff

Anonymous said...

This is nice, but you confused me with the entries out of synch :) oh just noticed the a -z journal, didn't know you were doing that still

Minxy said...

Time consuming maybe, but worth every minute as its just stunning hun x

Unknown said...

this is amazing...I remember when you told me fabric scared you!!!! holy cow girl, you rock....