Friday, September 09, 2011

Fun and frolics in and around Blackpool

We're not long back from a week's holiday in Blackpool, where much fun was had by all, and much art journalling was done by me :)

Without further ado, here are the pages I pulled together while we were away (plus a couple I finished up back at home)

Arrival day - the highlight for Reece and I was the TERRIFYING but brilliant live action ghost train down by the Pleasure Beach:

The following day we headed to Camelot theme park, around an hour's drive away from the 'pool:

This was the day that a young lad there at the park fell 80 feet out of a ride and injured himself badly, you might have seen it on the news.  We were just heading over to that exact ride when it happened!  Hope the poor young lad is recovering well.  Almost feel guilty to admit that we had a brilliant day there!

After a non journalled day (it rained a lot and the kids went swimming, not much else to say about that one), we headed to the world famous Pleasure Beach.  I truly believe that some of the rides here, especially the Big One, my favourite ride in all the world, are unrivalled anywhere on the planet.  Plus we were blessed with, for the majority of the day, great weather and short queues.  Thank you Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Next up, a brilliant day trip to Yorkshire.  We went down into the White Scar show caves (spectacular!), and then after that we went up onto the Dales, and into another, much smaller, cave to find a geocache.  

The day after that was another Blackpool day - first we went to the circus in the Tower, and then we took a tram (squeee! my  first time!) back down to the Pleasure Beach end, where we all played adventure golf, and then went to check out the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum, which the boys loved.

And finally, on the last day of our (too short!) holiday, we headed down into Merseyside.  To Southport first to go on the rides at Pleasureland, and do a bit of caching.  And then on to Crosby Beach to see the Antony Gormley installation 'Another Place':

Th-th-that's all folks!

AJED : 97/365


Jennifer Stumpf said...

wow, these pages are utterly brilliant!! i love the yorkshire dales page (and all the others!). i love that you document your lives this way-- it's so much fun to read!

Sid said...

Fab journalling Flo, I have a lot in comon with Blackpool as my Mum lives there !!

SeasideKaren said...

I loved looking at your journal pages, I know all the places you journalled about and loved how you've drawn them. My favourite has to be the men on Crosby beach, what a brilliant idea to sketch some of them and add a photo of one in the foreground, it looks great!

P.J. said...

You art journals are incredibly awesome. The colors, the scrapping -- everything. Wonderful. I may have not been reading the blog long enough or have missed it, but have you ever done a post about how you do these pages, how long they take, what sizes they are etc.? I imagine there are a lot of techniques, so I was curious. I don't have the patience or artistic background to do things like this, but it really is wonderful!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the lovely comment PJ. No, I've not done a "how to" post about these travel journal pages as there's really very little to them. They are just a watercoloured background with a load of souvenir paperwork stuck on top and writing in the gaps. But to answer your questions, I tend to work on them every evening while away, once we are back at our holiday accommodation and the kids are watching tv or in bed. I guess I spend an hour or so on each page. The book is a Moleskine watercolour journal, like this one:, so the pages are around 20cm by 13cm for each single page.