Monday, September 26, 2011

R-r-r-r-r-rock and r-r-r-r-r-ollllll!!!!

So here we go again - it's new Circle Journal time.

This journal - well, really it's more of a box-with-stuff-in-it - is for a new CJ starting next month, with a rock music theme.

My own subtheme is about album cover art.  What I want the other participants to do is to choose a rock album that they LOVE, but where they DON'T love the existing cover artwork.  I then want them to design a new cover for the album, that they think does it more justice....

I haven't completed my own entry for this one yet - I haven't even decided which album I'm going to re-cover.  Any suggestions??

But everything else is finished.... I made the box lid from scratch from cardboard, spray paint and hockey tape (there's not an awful lot you can't do with those essential ingredients!) - and then decorated it with painted textured cardstock, a metal embellishment cut from a No Fear energy drink can and then stylus-embossed, the other half of that piece of record-shaped junk mail that I used for the Poly Styrene layout last week, some purple gem brads and some letter stickers.

Inside, each participant has a little album cover to decorate, made from plain white card, and inside each cover is a little "record", which will be their sign in tag.

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for this one :)



Kat said...

Fab idea, Sarah! Looking good!! Shame I've got no time for CJs at the moment (got burned with lost ones in the past and life got in the way and caused delay at my end) - but if you have any Disney ones going again give me a shout! ;) Not checking UKS much in that sense though, so e-mail or FB would be perfect.

Carmen Wing said...

OMG Sarah! Pressure much? This is so inventive and gorgeous and... ooh... just thought what album I will be doing!

Pam said...

wow! I so am needing to nick that off you some time!!!!!

Kathy said...

Looks great. Brilliant idea