Friday, January 27, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday - week 4

Well that’s another week gone – they seem to be going by everso quickly since I joined the Rockin’ Crew!

A fairly quiet week, but still with plenty of highlights:

The first thing that’s been rocking my world this week is Postcrossing – I’ve had an even better than usual postcard crop recently.

Last Saturday there were no less than three cards on my doormat, and they were all really cool ones.  One from Barcelona with a great photo of the Gaudi park (I’d LOVE to go there one day), one from Amsterdam featuring the (in)famous Bulldog café (I might have already been there, ahem, once or twice, a long time ago, back in my student days :)  ), and one from Germany with, rather inexplicably, an oil painting of a skeleton doing a pee :D

Also, not pictured, a few days later I received from the US a fantastic lenticular card of a 3-D eye which winks as you move the card.  Very very cool.  And a really fab roller coaster card too (my first ever from Australia).  And a card with a photo of a man balancing chairs on his fingertips, from a lady in the Netherlands who makes lovely ATCs who I'm hoping to maybe swap with.

You never know what kinds of postcards you are going to receive, or who from, it's certainly more fun than coming home to just bills on the doormat.

On Saturday night we were at the rink as usual watching ice hockey, and as the visiting team this week were the Basingstoke Bison, I got to see my pals Grant and Emily as that’s their team – always nice to bump into friends.

Sunday was the real highlight of the week, as we had a brilliant day out in gorgeous Glastonbury.  It was a cold (and mega windy, especially at the top of the Tor!) day but gloriously sunny.

For some time (almost a year) we have been gathering clues around Somerset to find a particular geocache, and the last piece of information we needed was atop the Tor.  So we climbed it.  Up the steepest side of the hill.  In a force 1000 gale.  It was certainly invigorating!!!  And with hindsight, insane :)

We climbed up from those little teeny houses
it was steep!
I got a real feeling of accomplishment from it though when I got to the top, as it’s rare for me to push myself quite that hard.  Next time, though, I’m going up the normal path that isn’t quite so vertical :D

Bit windy at the top!  Do you like my combover? :)
The boys had tons of fun running into the wind and almost standing still
After climbing the Tor we had a mooch around town, ate a delicious veggie pasty, and then found and logged the year long cache thanks to the final clue.  Hooray!

Monday I had a day off work – always nice :)  I used the time to ..... dramatic drumroll ..... FINISH MY SKETCHBOOK PROJECT ENTRY!!!!!! I can't stress how much of a big deal that is :)

Around Christmas time I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact I wasn't going to get it finished in time.  And that would have been a real waste, both of the entry fee, and more importantly of all the time I had already spent on it.

But then I decided I had to get my head down and get on with it, and get on with it I did.  And it went in the post this Tuesday.  Such a relief :)  Now I can get back to all the other things I should have been doing this month, like the pile of circle journals in the corner, and my sad neglected art journal....

Tuesday night I had an early night - first one in ages, I just tucked up with my book and was asleep long before midnight.  Bliss.

The remainder of the week was fairly uneventful, the two highlights being watching the King's Speech on Wednesday evening - wow, what a great film!

And sourcing a freestanding Daylight lamp for winter evening crafting from Freecycle!  for free!  (obviously, otherwise it would be called paycycle :) )

Please pop by Virginia's blog if you would like to read about everyone else's rocking weeks, or if you fancy joining in with us.  I can thoroughly recommend it - focussing on the positives gives you a nice warm glow :)



What a splendid bunch of positives. I love reading, the thing I missed most when T was wee was reading, no time. Mind I did a lot on the run up to having him. I always have to read a chapter or so before I go to sleep :) Well done on getting you sketchbook done and sent off. Your lamp was a good bargain too. I have one with 40 LED bulbs in a ring and a magnifier it was brilliant for making things on the run up to Christmas!

SusieJ said...

Loving the sound of your week! Fun, exercise, post (and not bills!!), good film (we loved "The King's Speech") etc....
Hope your weekend is as good!!
Hugs xx
p.s. great job on finding that lamp...:)

Virginia said...

Wow that's an awesome bunch of positives, loving the pictures of the Tor and the fact you finished the challenge. Also loving the completion of your sketch book. The lamp is awesome - love it and the fact it was free to boot! Hope you have a truly beautiful and blessed weekend and start making your way through your circle journals.


Joanna said...

Brilliant positive Rocking list :o) How lovely to receive all those postcards, what a great happy post idea. Well done for finishing your Sketchbook - I amazingly finished mine and sent it off on Christmas Eve, phew! I'm also doing the Limited edition one and really need to get started........! Looks like you and the boys had great fun in Somerset (the combover photo is, of course, very funny!). The freecycle lamp is fab, we've got and got rid of stuff through freecycle - it's a great system.

Have a lovely weekend!


BadPenny said...

Looked like a smashing day out at Glastonbury and so good to get your journal finished.
I took my daughter to Barcelona last year & we had a fab time ( apart from an altercation with a Taxi driver ! ) Super postcards arriving on your doormat. Fridays seem to come by so fast... enjoy the week end !

Sabrina said...

What an exciting visit to Glastonbury. I could almost feel the wind! Congratulations on finishing the sketchbook, it looks like quite a feat!


Erika Jean said...

That hill DOES look pretty steep! And the picture of the boys really tells you how windy it was. Great set of postcards you received!

Luna Art said...

Your Glastonbury trip looks fab, Glasto is my fav place and we try and go a couple of times a year-not for geocaching like you, but to soak up all the spiritual vibes! I bet you got your pasty from 'burns the bread' bakery, they are delisious in there! I have only climbed the tor once and it was a bit of a struggle and I went up the path! The view from the top is amazing though. I am determined to go and walk the 7 layers around the tor one day!
Congratulations on finishing your sketchbook project, its such a relief when its done but I found it a little sad to send it off knowing I wouldn't see it again! But friends went to Seattle for a trip and the sketchbook project was there and they checked my book out and took photos to send me so that was pretty amazing. The project is coming to London this yr isn't it?
Your reading book looks good, I will have to have a look at that on amazon.
Hope you have a good week x

Kathy McCreedy said...

WOW! That really WAS quite a week! Good for you... I loved seeing and hearing about all your adventures! So happy for you that you got your sketchbook in the mail on time... mine goes in tomorrow, whew! It was actually a lot more work than I expected, but I've enjoyed the process a bunch! Many thanks for stopping by my site and leaving such kind comments, stop by again, ok?!?