Friday, February 03, 2012

Where rock meets the movies.....

I've been a busy bee this week, working on this particular CJ every evening, desperately trying to get it finished by posting day (and as that was yesterday, I failed, ooops, but at least I'm not too late!)

This is Jasmine's journal in the Rock Resurrected circle over at UKScrappers, and her theme is a kind of rock music/cinema crossover.

The construction of the book is really unusual, but a lot of fun to work in, with a folded envelope making a pocket to decorate front and back, also a sign in flap, and there is also room to put an insert in the pocket.

This enabled me to work on three separate entries for this theme (which is why it has taken me all week :) )

First up, Jas suggested we re-imagine a Disney classic with rock legends in the cast - how could I resist Alice Cooper and Dee Snyder as Cinderella's ugly sisters?  (Before you lynch me, Carmen and Penny, I mean no offence to Alice - or Dee for that matter - I just think they would play the part with gusto!)

Not a great picture of the carriage (it looks better at full size if you click on it but still not great) - it's got pearlescent paint on it which catches the flash - but you get the idea.....  my favourite bit is Cinders' little rock hand :)  |m|

Next up, on the other side of the envelope pocket - my little tribute to one of the greatest rock movies of all time, the mighty Spinal Tap:

And yes, the volume knob does twiddle round :)
And here's my sign in on the back of the flap.....we all have a journalling spot to fill in, mine was "words that I think sound cool".....the outright winner?  definitely "plinth" :)

And finally, inside the pocket, this insert, telling the story of how I discovered the Seattle sound - grunge music - one of the longest lasting loves of my life - largely via the film Singles back in 1992.  Great film.  Amazing soundtrack.  

So that's all for rock at the month it's all about Linkin Park, am already thinking about my page....


Virginia said...

Ah Sarah this is awesome stuff I'm sure Jas will love it once it's returned home and you've obviously set the bar mighty high for anyone following you. This is the one I'm worrying about the most, but having seen the great inspiration in there already I think I should relax a little and wait to see what comes to mind once I've got my mits on it!

Shirley said...

WOW Sarah this is amazing.
Such a lot of work and great ideas.