Friday, February 03, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday - week 5

And it's Friday again. For once I'm not going to say "wow, that came around fast", because this week has been a looooong one. One of those weeks, if you know the sort.

But we're here to talk about the positives, not the negatives, and there have been many good points to the week too :)

First of all, last Friday, after writing up last week's Rockin' post, it was lovely and sunny so I went out geocaching in my lunchbreak. I didn't actually find a cache, but I did the groundwork for this multi (a multi cache is one where you have to solve various clues in order to discover the location of the final prize).

It was a really interesting walk, taking me through a lovely park that I've never found before, past a very pretty Gothic style church, and an interesting old pump. And finally down a street where apparently the archaeology TV show Time Team visited back in 2000 and dug up all sorts of interesting finds.

I have now got the co-ordinates for the final cache and will no doubt go out and find it some time, but even if I don't ever get around to it, I have already had loads of enjoyment from the clue gathering stage.

On Saturday I picked up my free Daylight lamp from the local Freecycler. It's just like the one I showed a photo of last week, if a little tattier looking. But I don't mind tatty as it works brilliantly and I have used it loads already, it is a godsend for winter evening crafting.

Also at the weekend, thebestboyfriendintheworldever gave me a brilliant pressie. It's a travel bug, which is a kind of token that you put in a geocache and it gets moved on by other cachers, sometimes all over the world. As it has a tracking number on it you can keep up with its travels. It's a nice way of virtually travelling to places you might never see in real life. But this is no ordinary travel bug and I'll probably keep it rather than putting it in a cache - because it is a gorgeous Haida orca! Just like the mother and baby on my back. Thank you Jay!

On Saturday evening Connor came to hockey for the first time in ages, and actually quite enjoyed it! (despite moaning lots that he wasn't going to).  I think the big punch up helped (Andre Payette, always a good bet for a scuffle to entertain small boys :) )

Sunday was the undoubted highlight of the week - we had a great morning geocaching around Charlecote Park in Warwickshire (where we found the super creepy skull baby)....

Then a flying visit to Stratford upon Avon (where many postcards and much fudge was purchased, and we went to Shakespeare's birthplace and met a giant Elizabethan teddy)...

And then we met up with my bessie mate Alison and her hubby Malc to go to see the Coventry Blaze vs Nottingham Panthers at the Coventry ice rink.  And Connor bumped into Scorch, his favourite hockey mascot :)

Other good things that happened this week:
  • I completed my first month of the Project 366 challenge - to take a photo every day - I haven't missed a day yet and - so far at least - it's not even feeling like a chore.  You can see my year of photos so far here
  • I've finished two of my 3 outstanding circle journal entries and the books have gone in the post - I'm working my way through that long to do list slowly but surely :)
  • I heard from my son at Uni and he sounds really happy, he is in his second term of his first year and is really settling in now
  • I found a great deal for a phone for my youngest, who is playing out a lot more now after school and is getting to the age where a phone would be useful.  It's only £7.50 a month and that includes a brand new phone, 250 minutes calls a month, 5,000 texts and 500 Mb data.  Bargain.
  • This lunchtime by pure fluke I went into the post office on the day they got the new issue of stamps in, they only ever get one sheet per price point, and they are usually snapped up in minutes, so I was really lucky to be able to buy a good selection today of George V and Edward VIII.  The overseas postcrossers will LOVE them, they all go ga ga for royalty.
  • And last but certainly not least - another pressie - my bro- and sis- in law are currently on their travels around the world - and today they sent me a present and it is sooooo coooool!!!! I LOVE my owl bag, thanks so much Si and Annie if you read this :) xx
 Now I'm off to Virginia's blog to see how the other Rockettes have got on this week.....


SusieJ said...

Wow! Quite a week you've had there with lots of lovely positives.
Stunning tattoo on your back and great photos. Well done on keeping up with 365 days of photos.
Hope your weekend is as good as your week.
Hugs xx
p.s. I'm intrigued by the geocaching - it sounds like fun and a good way to get out in the fresh air. :)

Virginia said...

Wow that is an amazing list of positives, the lunchtime geo-cache, happy son at Uni, happy son with phone, the travel bug is awesome and I'm not surprised that you don't want to let it go! Loving all your post today, made me feel very happy, hope you have a fantastic week ahead,

Much love

Luna Art said...

Sounds like you have had a really busy week! I love reading about your geo caching, it takes you to some fab places!
The tattoo on your back is stunning, how long did that take??
Your owl bag is sweet, a lovely unexpected pressie, those are the best ones!
Hope you have a great week x

Joanna said...

What a fantastic Rocking list! So many things that have kept you smiling this week. I cannot imagine how long your tattoo took to do, and how painful it was!

Love the creepy skull baby ;o)


Carmen Wing said...

Absolutely fabulous post Sarah. Big smiles this end. I really must start geocaching - especially think it would be fun when we do our Scottish travels!

Love your tattoo, what an amazing gift, don't think I would part with it either.

Have a fab week Sarah :)


Gosh, thank goodness lots Of good things happened to make a long week not quite so bad. Can see why you liked your Orca. I remember it took a good term for me to settle in at uni! Hope this week is at least shorter.

P.J. said...

Sounds like one heck of a weekend. And that tattoo is on your back? What detail!

Zelanzy said...

That is a pretty awesome tattoo. I also have that travel bug/tag and I believe there is a geocoin of that design too.