Friday, February 10, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday - week 6

You know every week with these posts, I have to fight the urge to embed the video to the most annoying song in the world…

But hey everybody, it’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! :) 

Everybody lookin’ forward to the weekend??

OK, OK, I’ll stop :) 

So – what’s been happening over the last week that’s shout-out worthy?

On Saturday, we collected my youngest’s brand new phone, and he is over the moon with it!  It’s not only the fact he has a nice new gadget, but the extra freedom it brings him.  I’m now much happier letting him go a bit further afield to knock for a school friend in the afternoon or at the weekends, knowing that he can call me if he has a problem, or that I can call him if I want him to come home, or just want to know where he is.  So he’s happy playing with his pals, and I get a bit more time to myself without a bored child underfoot.  I’d call that a win win, and well worth the £7.50 monthly fee!

Later the same day I had my photographer’s hat back on as the roller derby team I take photos for – the Swindon Rail Road Rebels – had another closed bout.  This was their last “friendly” game before their first public bout next month.  And also the first at a new venue, so I wanted to get as many practice shots as possible to make sure that I can get some really good pics next time.

The really great thing about the new venue is the bright blue floor, which along with my team’s red kit and the visitors’ yellow kit, made for some very primary-colourful photos :)  I really enjoyed watching the action again, and can’t wait for the public bout so I can drag my family along too and show them how great it is!
I emerged from the roller derby to find that while I was indoors, the white stuff had fallen, yay! Not much snow, but enough to amuse the kiddies.  Sadly it was all gone by Monday so I couldn’t use it as an excuse not to go to work ;)   I forgot to take a photo to record our momentous ¼ of an inch snowfall, so here’s a pic somebody else took of my local Chinese restaurant on Saturday instead:

On Sunday Jay had to go home early (boo!) as Reece had a party to go to, and Connor was out playing with his school friends all afternoon, so I had some rather unexpected “me” time.  I was a bit lost at first, not used to it!  But in the end I whacked the Kerrang! Channel on loud on the TV, and sat down and worked on a circle journal entry – started and finished in one sitting which is almost unheard of!  And with that last CJ page done I am now completely up to date with my crafting commitments, and have NO pressing deadlines for the first time in forever.  Such a lovely feeling :) 

Accordingly, on Monday night I didn’t even go NEAR my making-stuff table.  Much as I do enjoy my creative pursuits, it was fab to have a guilt free night off, doing nothing but browsing the net looking at holiday cottages, and watching trashy TV (Ru Paul’s Drag Race, trust me, telly doesn’t come any trashier than that, but I love it :D)

Earlier on Monday, two rather cool things happened.  Firstly, I got an email from the Moleskine company to say that they wanted to use a photo of my 2011 art journal on their "Me and My Moleskine" page :

And not only did I get the bragging rights of being on the website, but also I got to choose a Moleskine journal as a prize - yay!

I went for the pocket-sized watercolour journal, which turned up the very next day:

And secondly - you may have seen me mention the Artistic Licence circle journal I'm currently a part of.  The way this circle works is that each participant has designed a book based upon a specified artist, and as the books travel round, we each do a page in each book in the style of the that artist.

Well, back in early December last year, I was working on Lou's book, and her artist was Nikki Monaghan.  This was my "Monaghan inspired" entry:

and I blogged about it here.

Well if you look at the bottom of that blog entry, you'll see a new comment, left by the actual artist lady herself :)

I was really chuffed that she took the time to comment (and relieved that she didn't hate what I had done lol)

After all that excitement, the rest of my week has been fairly quiet - work, home, play with paints and stuff, read, sleep, that kind of thing - but perfectly pleasant.

Oh and we woke up to the perfect amount of snow this morning - just enough to play snowballs and make everything look pretty, but not enough to disrupt the roads and shut the schools :)

I hope that the rest of the Rockettes have also had nice weeks - I'm off to chief Rockette Virginia's blog to find out!


Carmen Wing said...

Oh wow! What an amazing week! Firstly, I KNEW Moleskin would love your journal :D Secondly, OMG to the artist commenting on your blog post - how amazing is that?

Love that picture of your chinese restaurant and know EXACTLY what you mean about the phone and letting the kids go further. I used to think my Mum was so strict with us but I am WAY worse! How she let us go out from breakfast till lunch and then lunch till dinner without having a nervous breakdown I'll never know... well, she did have a few meltdowns with my sister but she was fond of dissapearing off the face of the earth (in the rape fields!) and used to regularly moan at me for dobbing her in when it was in fact the yellow rape blossom in her hair and her streaming eyes (hayfever) that gave her away! Hey ho!

Have a great week Sarah!

K said...

Oh wow, fab photos, you couldnt have got better colouring with the uniforms if you'd tried!
& that snow with the chinese restaurant, could almost imagine you'd climbed some mountains in china to get there or something.

Eeeeeeee **squeals** a comment off the artist herself, how FAB is that!!!!!

The pink heart comes on the BSE as standard, if I'd stuck something on it would be a skull, lol. & here's me with pink hair as requested. Thanks for your comment xx

SusieJ said...

Yay!!!! What a great week..fabulous photos, a mention on the Molskine blog (and a freebie!) and comments from the artist herself...well done you!
Totally agree re the mobile phone..people said I was mad giving the boy a phone when I did but it meant more independence for him and peace of mind for me.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx

Virginia said...

Wow that's an awesome post! I'm loving the roller derby photos - the primary colours are amazing! Well done you for catching up on all your crafting commitments!!! I love your moleskin journal on their site and the new moleskin is awesome stuff!

The snow photos are great and how amazing is it having the actual artist comment - now that is something I love.

HOpe you have a fantastic weekend ahead.


Gina said...

Wow! such a full week :D I'm with you all the way on the mobile phone youngest carries one all the time, to and from school, and it makes me feel loads better lol :D Love the image of the suit with bird poop on :D XXX

Unknown said...

What a fab week - your local chinese restaurant is so much cooler than ours!!! Love your bragging moment and how cool to get a prize too - fabulous choice xx Have a great weekend x janet

Kat said...

WOW, fabulous week, Sarah! And FAB news about the Moleskin company!! :D You go girl!

Hope you have a fab weekend, love reading your "Rocking your world Friday" entries - really should try them myself as my blog is feeling a bit orphaned at the moment... :o

Oh - and I might go to a Rollerderby of the Edinburgh Team this year...

Sabrina said...

Fantastic photos!! You can really feel the energy going on. What an awesome feeling what with the Moleskin AND the artist comment! Well done. Hope your next week is even better!

Luna Art said...

Well done Sarah on the moleskin journal and the comment from the artist, that is fantastic, I bet you are so thrilled! love the snow photos (jealous as we have had none yet!)and the chinese restuarant looks like a fab place to eat! Your roller derby photos are so proffesional! I am with you on the phone thing, my DD is 11 and its nice to know I can contact her if I need to, or when shes late home from school (shes such a dawdler!).
I hope you have another fantastic week x

P.J. said...

Is there anything better than a brand new moleskine? God I love those things!

As for the roller derby. I've only shot it once and it's a tough sport to shoot! Looks like the place where your team plays is lit up a bit better than where our local team plays. I can't seem to get the light I need and hate shooting the flash straight on!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

I am so utterly impressed!!! I love the bird piece and how cool on the moleskin (my favorite brand of journal)! Congrats!!!!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

*moleskine* can. not. spell.