Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy luuuurrrvvvve day everybody

Valentines Day card for the best boyfriend in the world ever. ever.


Sid said...

Great image Flo !

Michelle S said...

Love it!

bockel24 said...

this is cool!

Carol Q said...

lol - a nice unusual slant on a Valentine's day card!

Kaowyn said...


Yay! More anatomical Valentine's!!! Loving the imagery and the colour scheme. Great idea, beautifully executed.

Btw, re your comment on my blog (filled with love challenge) I never have an issue with anyone copying from my work in the sense of reproducing it or elements of it themselves, an act which necessarily involves creation. In fact, I would regard this as a great compliment.

In any event, I also copied other people's work in the sense that although I drew freehand, I still had about five different diagrams to look at(not having a freshly disected human heart on my desk).