Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let's all pretend it's Friday....

... because I'm a tad tardy with my Rockin' post this week.

Oh if only it was Friday, we'd still have the whole weekend ahead of us - rewindable weekends and fast-forwardable weeks really would rock my world :)

So what were the high points of last week?  I'm going to race through these as life's got very busy all of a sudden!

On the Friday evening after I posted my last RYWF, I finally found some time to work in my art journal for the first time this year.  I've missed it loads!

On Saturday we got to watch our ice hockey team play, and more importantly, win - hooray!

On Sunday we had a fantastic day out in Oxford - three museums, two art galleries and a lovely all you can eat Chinese lunch.

The highlights were the Egyptian exhibit at the Ashmolean, finding a real (albeit stuffed) Perry the Platypus at the Natural History museum, the crazy brilliance that is the Pitt Rivers, and the first Oxford Rhino at the old prison:

the Pitt Rivers museum - this place is wonderful - it's dingy, so they give you little wind up torches to use - but  it is packed full of the most eclectic and seemingly random stuff from all over the world - like Ripleys Believe It Or Not but less tacky :)

Where's Perry?

later this year Oxford will be hosting a rhino trail like London's elephants and Bristol's gorillas - looking forward to it!
On Monday I finally finished (at silly o'clock in the morning and within moments of the deadline) all the page samples for my next tutorial for the Art Journey course over at UKScrappers.  Remind me not to leave it so close to the due date next time!

Tuesday I had an early night, bliss!! I was in bed and fast asleep by 8:30, lovely

Wednesday night brought an extra hockey game, mid week games are rare and they mean I get to see my fella Jay in the week, always a treat, plus we won, against one of the top teams in the league - go Wildcats go!!

On Thursday I discovered I have an unexpected day off!  Our holiday year at work ends on March 31st, and the lady who does our admin is nagging everyone to book their remaining hols.  I thought I had either 1 or 2 days left (I always try and save at least one for childcare emergencies etc), turns out I have THREE :) I've booked them in a block towards the end of March.  No idea yet what I'll do with them - I might just have 3 consecutive pyjama days :)

And on Friday I got my DOWNLOAD tickets!!!  We're going to see the mighty Soundgarden! and Five Finger Death Punch! and Rise Against! and, fingers crossed, Black Sabbath!!!  can't WAIT.

 So there you have it, a good thing happened every single day last week, that'll do me nicely :)

Now I'm heading off to Virginia's blog to see what the other Rockettes have been up to....


Carmen Wing said...

Wow - what a week - you'll need those 3 jammie days for a rest :D

That museum sounds amazing and I just love your journal page!

Have a great week Sarah x

SusieJ said...

Wow!! A busy, busy fabulous that good things happened every day.
Must visit the Pitt Rivers...we've been meaning to for over 20 years....but somehow never got round to it!
Love the Rhino.
Love your journal pages too..:)
Have a great week.
Hugs xx
p.s. I'd take 3 pj days too.

Luna Art said...

What a cram packed week!
Your journal page looks great, I will check that out on uks.
Love your photos of the museums-showed my kids perry as they love finnius and pherb!
The Pitts river museum looks great, I'd love to wander round there with a torch!
I hope you enjoy your unexpected 3 days off!
Have a great week x

Sabrina said...

I've been to the Pitt River museum - it seems a lifetime ago, (actually it has been somebody's lifetime, about 23 years ago). What I remember best was the room you pictured with all the cabinets and drawers. I remember you were encouraged to open drawers and poke around. I've never been in a museum like that before or since. Also the shrunken heads were bizarre but cool. Looking forward to hearing what you do with those 3 days. Yahoo!

Virginia said...

A fantastic list - how great to be able to clock something great every single day - now that I can cope with! Loving your art journal page and glad you managed some days out and some ice hockey to boot! Loving the 'found' holiday day - and three days to look forward to - always nice!

Glad you managed your deadline for UK Scrappers - gulp haven't started my CJ yet LOL!

Hope you're having a great week


Nigel said...

Love the journal page.

Pitt Rivers is awesome, so many little treasures hidden away in drawers, waiting to be discovered.

I'm not commenting on Download! :p