Monday, February 06, 2012

Would you believe 'The Birds' will be 50 years old next year?

Hitchcock's The Birds, still an amazing film and as scary as ever - and it's also the inspiration for my latest circle journal entry.

This was a fun book to work in - it's in the Project Runway circle, and takes its inspiration from the show's film genre challenge.

Each participant selects a sealed envelope containing a card with a particular film genre printed on it - previous players have already tackled Western, Comedy, Romance, Film Noir, Musical, and the one I really wanted, Horror.  But I got Thriller, which would have been my tie second choice along with sci-fi, so I was happy with that.

And then our task was to incorporate a dress form into our page, showing the costume for our lead character.

My leading lady is immaculately turned out, but showing some signs of vicious pecking! :)

The background for this page uses watercolours for the stormy sky, a Crafters Workshop stencil for the trees, and the birds are all drawn by hand.

The back of our page is our sign in area , and we were to incorporate the card we drew from the envelopes, showing our chosen genre:

The background for this side is spray painted, and the bird was cut out from some handmade paper with flower petal inclusions.

This book is due to go in the post tomorrow (oops, I've just seen the time, make that today!), so I finished it just in time.

PS.  this is possibly the only Barbie doll I could be persuaded to own:

isn't it wonderful?  I especially love the bird pecking away at her forehead :)


fatmonica said...

Love it! It's a great page-and that Barbie doll-I NEED one of those!!

Sue said...

What a great portrays the film perfectly......and that Barbie is hilarious!

Luna Art said...

Fab page Sarah, I have only seen that film once but I still duck for cover if a large group of birds fly overhead! The barbie doll is great!
I definately think your tattoo was worth the 10 hours, its amazing! x

Virginia said...

Fantastic pages as always Sarah!!! The barbie doll made me giggle

Lorraine said...

love the page and assemblage..I watched Hitchcocks Dial M for Murder today but The birds is also one of my favs! I have got loads of box sets of his films as they are classics

Shirley said...

OMG I am feeling really old now, I can remember when this film was released.
Great interpretation, love the pecked leading lady and your hand drawn birds.

P.J. said...

Though not a massive fan of The Birds... wow, 50 years old?

Carmen Wing said...

Oh I do love Hitchcock! Though I must confess my favourite part of any of his films is trying to spot his cameo appearance... and same for any Morse programs that Craig makes me watch (Not Hitchcock in those, the other fella that writes Morse! That would be a bit weird and freaky... a zombie Hitchcock!)

Anyhoo, I digress. Love this page and LOVE that Barbie :D

Carmen Wing said...

p.s Thanks for your comments over at mine, when I have saved a few pennies I might still come begging for that place in London. Those Oxblood boots are amazing!