Monday, June 07, 2010

Waaay out of my comfort zone....

This is my latest Disney CJ entry, and I'm happy to admit that I didn't half struggle with this one!

The theme for the book was Fantasyland, and the book is absolutely beautifully made, all castles and princesses and fairy sparkle.

It couldn't be less "me" if it tried :)

Before the book arrived, I was planning to do my Fantasyland layout either based upon Its A Small World, or the time that Ethan got picked by Merlin at Disneyland Paris to pull the sword out of the stone, and was duly crowned King and paraded around in front of the castle.

But when it turned up, there were already two Small World layouts in there, and I was reluctant to add a third....and my King Ethan idea was ruled out by the colour scheme that the book owner asked us to adhere to - pinks, pastel blues and greens, absolutely no reds or blacks (the King wears a bright red cloak edged with ermine fur - lots of red and black there)

So I was a little stumped...what could I do?

In the end I went for the wonderful, classic Dumbo the elephant ride. Connor and I love this ride, even despite the ridiculous queues.

I stuck to the pastel pinks and blues palette, and I even used scallop scissors, how girly am I!  The end result isn't really my kind of thing, but fingers crossed the book owner will like it.

(Sorry for the rubbish pic, by the way, I had to use a flash as it was late and it has really washed it out)

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Sid said...

Think you did a fab job considering it was not really your thing !!