Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Celebrating the Demon of Screamin'

Here's my latest Rock CJ entry - in Karen's journal which is dedicated to Steven Tyler from Aerosmith

I decided to illustrate some of Mr T's quotes, some of which are pretty funny.

I was going to use a photo of him with his mouth open on the speech bubble, but instead found this fantastic caricature on DeviantArt - hopefully the artist won't mind me using it given that this is just a non commercial project between friends

The right hand side part of the speech bubble is a page in its own right, and that turns over to reveal the quotes underneath:

I typed the quotes on my trusty new toy, Erika.  Who I haven't blogged about yet, have I?  I'd better do my very overdue Rockin' My world Friday post tomorrow!

You might want to click on this pic to enlarge it so you can read  the quotes...they are worth it....especially the one about the duck :)

And that's about it for the layout itself.

The last thing we had to do was make a little laminated "tour pass" to match our layout.... here's mine:

And that's another CJ done.... see you again next month .....

PS, I've just had an email asking about the background paper I used for these pages.  Here is how it looked before I stuck everything down:

It is primarily spray paints (with some normal acrylic paint in the mix too) through various stencils onto an A3  sheet of textured watercolour paper.  These backgrounds take no time at all to whip up but they add a lot of texture and depth to your page.


Karen Isaacson said...

how awesome is that little speech bubble page? this is so cool. and of course I was totally intrigued by the Rock CJ theme and had to go back to see all the other posts. love love love that idea. now *I* want to start a group with that theme. you've got the best ideas :)

Carmen Wing said...

This one did make me laugh - that's some great quotes there :D Brilliant charicature.

Virginia said...

Oh Sarah that's fabulous, I bet that book is looking pretty damn awesome now!

Karen said...

Oops ! I tripped and fell into your blog !! COMPLETELY by accident you understand :D :D How absolutley OMG fantastic is that ! and it's MINE allll mine :D thank Sarah - I love it and can't wait to have my fabby CJ home X

Marit said...

You have me all giggling... what a gorgeous funny fantastic page!

Shelley Malone said...

I absolutely LOVE this Steven Tyler stuff. He cracks me up anyway - but the quotes you captured are really awesome. Love the shaped middle page - and ALSO the spray painted backgrounds... they made me drool even though you were all casual about them!!!