Thursday, May 03, 2012

A little catch up....

Here are a couple of bits and bobs I've made recently that have seen the light of day elsewhere but not on here....

Firstly a couple of journal pages that I used as examples in a basic stencil/mask tutorial for UKScrappers

(I'll probably put the tute on here eventually, but in the meantime if you'd like a read, it is available to UKS members in PDF form here)

The first one deals with the unfortunate fact that I'm now on the downhill slide towards 50! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

How did this happen????  To be fair, I have got to admit that I'm enjoying my 40s more than either my 30s or my 20s - but I kind of wish I could be having all this fun in a body 20 years younger :D

The second page was a quickie to celebrate the fact that I'm booked in for a new tattoo!  It won't be happening until August, but the deposit's paid and I can't wait!

I'm having my very old Celtic style armband re-worked into a Haida  thunderbird - hence the "out with the old and in with the new!" bit...

Here's the old tattoo, done when I was still in my teens, I still really like it but it has got blurry with age (a bit like the rest of me :) ) and it doesn't really go with my Haida orca backpiece

And the bird is going to look something like this, nowhere near this big or intricate - but this gives you an idea of the general style and colouring:

My armband will become the horizontal black part of the wings (my tattooist is going to work my old design into something more "Haida-ish" :) ), and the heads of the bird will go up onto my shoulder with the tail and wing feathers hanging down onto my upper arm.

Exciting, if painful, stuff :)

And here's something completely different, over at Collabor-ART, I have paired up with the very talented Shirley.

We have each got hold of a pocket Japanese Moleskine journal (these things are very cool!  I got mine from my pal Vicki here)  and we are going to swap them back and forth adding to what's gone before until they are full (or we get bored :))

Fish by PEZ
I have already done a bit of work in mine to set the bright colourful tone I'm aiming for - and now it's ready for its first visit to Shirley's desk.

I think we are going to have lots of fun with this over the next few months.  I'll be sure to share how it develops


Shelley Malone said...

AAAAHHHH THAT STARBURST!! So freaking gorgeous. And the Pez fish. And the haida tattoo. Can't wait to see the reworked tat on your arm. It sounds fantastic!

gillyb's crafting blog said...

Really love your blog. Congrats & happy birthday - love the tattoo design, wish I'd been brave enough to have a couple.

ENJOY the rest of your 40's the time goes by so quickly. (my next birthday is 57)?

Unknown said...

I love everything about your post. Everything is so fabulous!!!

Lorraine said...

love the manic face on the 45 page..lovely colours too..50 is fast approaching for me this year but I dont care as like you I am happier at this age than in my younger days when I tried to fit in...